Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pitbull Pup, by Carrie Jacobson

 Pitbull Pup
For the Montville, CT, animal shelter

One of the funnest parts of my job as a Patch editor is working with the shelter in Montville, CT, the town I cover (check out the site I run, the Montville Patch!) Happily, there are often no animals there to be adopted. But when there are, the animal control officer calls, and I take photos, or sometimes videos, and put them on the site, and who knows, maybe they help. I think they do.

Eager, a three-legged kitten, just got adopted, and I hope Patch had something to do with it. Want to see a video of Eager? Click here. Want to see a video of some pretty funny kittens? Click here. By the way, they still need homes, so if you're in the market...

I have some posts coming of animals up for adoption, one of one of the kittens and one of a golden lab with some issues. I made this painting of one of the dogs on the shelter's Facebook page.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gypsy, by Alli Farkas

 Gypsy, by Alli Farkas
For Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary

Alli Farkas writes "I was at Horse-A-Rama in Wisconsin a couple of months ago when a very enthusiastic lady approached my booth. She saw all the portraits and wanted to know if I would like to set up as a vendor at her upcoming fundraiser for her rescue organization, Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary in Elkhart Lake, WI. I couldn't do it, since I will be at another horsey event that day, but when I told her about (the Art for Shelter Animals Project) she was delighted by the opportunity.

"She sent me a photo of Gypsy, a paint mare who is now totally blind due to a previous owner's neglect of an infection. She is now literally 'rolling in clover' at the sanctuary, and could hardly be in a better place! The clover was quite a challenge for me (I do landscapes in addition to horses, but I try to keep the landscapes manageable!) so I was quite pleased that I was actually able to put horse and clover together and make them both look good."
Amazing Grace, founded in 2008, seems like a pretty amazing place. Here's what it says on the website:

"Our sole purpose is to offer a safe haven for unwanted, abused or neglected horses. This sanctuary offers safe care and refuge - to all horses who pass through our gates. Here all their needs will be provided for - including shelter, nutrition, vet and Ferrier care, and most importantly - unconditional love and attention." 


To see more of Alli's gorgeous work, check out her website!


Friday, May 20, 2011

A Fantastic Fundraiser!

Bob Cat
 by Robin Stronk

I opened my email this morning to find this marvelous and motivational note from Robin Stronk - isn't this great? 

Inspired by your blog site, I started a fundraiser movement last December. I gathered local artists and requested that each create a piece of artwork inspired by their favorite rescue/shelter cause and donate it at 100 percent to be sold at a silent auction in May. 

These people were fantastic. I designated them as my "Art Angels." Some donated more than one piece and we ultimately had 36 items available for the auction.

There were nine causes represented and we raised $3,660 with the artwork alone. The artists also did all the work - made food, decorated the  huge training center at our local humane society, distributed posters and cards, came to meetings and even cleaned up after the event. 

I am so proud of everyone. 

There have been many requests for it to become an annual event and I am very happy to comply. Several small, little known rescues benefited and they were absolutely thrilled. They not only gained some financial support but
also received public recognition that is often lacking.

I painted for Winchester Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. My oil painting "Bob Cat" portrays just one of the varied creatures that have been nurtured and released back to the wild by them. They have also nursed owls, orphan squirrels, porcupines, geese, foxes and even a bald eagle. The piece was purchased by a local veterinarian who
provides their surgical procedures totally gratis.

I plan to continue this wonderful concept and hope to send you a report next year that the auction was even more successful.   

Robin T. Stronk DVM

p.s., Robin, would you please email me at Your email went to another carrie jacobson, and for some reason, I can't find an address for you! Thanks! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oil on canvas, 12x12
Donation to the Montville, CT, animal shelter

Animal Control Officer Chris Martel with Lulu and her portrait

Lulu's people abandoned her when she became pregnant. Surely, this was not Lulu's first litter. Chris Martel says that Lulu's teats tell her that the dear old dog has had litter after litter after litter of puppies. Two of those stretched-out, worn-out teats became infected this time, and Lulu has had to have a partial mastectomy.

 But she is as happy and as loving as any dog can be. She's put on a lot of weight, her demeanor has gone from worried to joyful, and her pups are growing up strong and curious and puppy-goofy.

So where have I been, all these months? Writing stories and covering news, events and communities for, in the town of Montville, right across the river from where we live.

In fact, if you'd like to see a story about my donating this painting, and about Lulu, click here. There are pictures of the puppies at an early age, and a video when they were about a month old, and another video of three of them just last week.

In addition to Patch, I am keeping up my painting as much as I can, and showing, as well. I have a show coming up in March at the Lighthouse Gallery in Groton. If you are in the area, the opening is March 4, from 5-7 p.m.

I've missed the Art for Shelter Animals Project - and I hope that we can get it going again!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Cats, by Kathy Lyon

Poster by Kathy Lyon
To be donated to the Weatherford, Texas, animal shelter

Texas artist Kathy Lyon primarily makes extraordinary jewelry and bronze sculptures of dogs, particularly sighthounds. Her work is precise and elegant and lively and just plain luscious! Some is in silver, some gold, some with gems - and all are beautiful. Check out her website at  

Kathy writes that she doesn't have much time to paint these days, and it's easy to see why. I would think that anyone who sees her work would want a piece. She can even make a piece from your gold jewelry that you no longer wear.

We're glad to have Kathy as part of the Art for Shelter Animals Project! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fast Friend, by Robin Truelove Stronk

Fast Friend
By Robin Truelove Stronk
Oil on canvas, 21x27
Donation to Fast Friends

Robin Truelove Stronk worked as a veterinarian for more than 35 years, retiring to make paintings, write books, bring her amazing art to the world. Her paintings are so beautiful, so full of light and depth that it makes me a little sad that she spent all those years being a veterinarian! Of course, the world surely needs vets (I'd have one live in the house with us if I could), but sometimes I think the world needs artists more.

Her book, "Vet Noir - It's not the Pets, it's the People Who Make Me Crazy" was published in January and is available online and in bookstores. Two of her paintings have made it to the cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and to other high-powered publications.

Check out her work and her amazing story at her website,

Robin lives in New Hampshire, the home of Fast Friends ( The group rescued racing greyhounds and finds new homes for them. She writes that greyhounds have "both figuratively and literally huge hearts. They are probably the most cat-like of the dog breeds, clean, easy to care for and asking nothing but companionship."

I've met a few greyhounds and they are wonderful dogs. They're easy to care for, and if you live in a warm place, don't need much. In cooler climates, they're pretty happy to have sweaters!

- Carrie

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Matter of Trust, by Robin Truelove Stronk

A Matter of Trust
By Robin Truelove Stronk
Oil on canvas, donation to the Horsetenders organization

Robin Truelove Stronk, a newcomer to the Art for Shelter Animals Project, was a veterinarian for more than 35 years before retiring three years ago and turning to art. She writes that she has dedicated herself this year to giving generously to organizations she cares about, and not worrying too much about selling her art. She is thankful to be in a position to do this for a while, and we are thankful to receive her gorgeous portraits.

Here is what she writes about this painting, and Horsetenders: 

"A Matter of Trust" was created for the HorseTenders organization, a group that rescues, trains and re-homes mustangs. Many of the horses they take are  considered cast-offs or untrainable and are destined to be double branded. This condemns them to a life of unending boredom in small paddocks. Their Mustang Project is becoming widely recognized and applauded. They can be seen at I am continually amazed at the depth and quality of training and care that these animals receive. I tried to sum this up in the look in the eye of one of their mustangs - it's all about the trust that they inspire in their charges."

I love the rich colors of this painting, and its depth. I love the cropping that makes the eye the central focus of the piece. And that eye - it shows fear and trust, fight and flight, and the very soul of the horse. What a beautiful piece! 

To find out more about Robin, to see more of her work and read more of her story, please visit her website,

I'm thrilled that she's painting with us!

- Carrie