Friday, March 13, 2009

Bingo is his name-o

If this is your first time here, please take a few minutes and read Carrie's intro post, THANKS!

This handsome guy is Bingo.  He was chosen because he has been at the shelter since January of 2008!  Though he's a cool enough cat to have the volunteers offer their office as a residence, it isn't the same as having his own home.

Bingo helps the shelter by being their official "Test Cat".  He's the fearless guy that trots around the incoming dogs (while they are on leash of course) as part of their evaluation to see if they get along with cats and small children.  Maybe his name should have been Rambo or Rocky!

6x8 oil on Raymar

One more addition to our blog is a donation button located at the bottom of the sidebar.  I was telling another blogger that $1.65 buys a canvasboard for a struggling artist  ( for instance me on a fixed income) and in turn, the resulting painting can sell for around $45.00.  What a huge pay back for your investment.  The Shelter staff says $45.00 will buy a bed for a dog so they don't have to sleep on cold, hard concrete in their kennel.

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  1. Docile as TestCat appears, there's a glimmer in her eye that looks like she can handle her weight in canines.