Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"Home," by Lori Rowe.

When Lori Rowe isn't on the road, traveling the country with her husband and their three dogs and one cat, in their big RV, she lives on Long Island. And in her area, she says, there's not really a typical shelter system. Rescue groups take stray and abandoned animals and place them, and an active journalist writes about animals who need homes.

Lori - who makes delightful, fanciful paintings of dogs (check out her website, where you will find links to all her art sites) - loves animals, and wanted to be a part of the Art for Shelter Animals project. She decided to paint this piece, and donate it to one of the rescue groups in her area.

Like so many others, this dog needs a home. As he gazes, Gatsby-like, off the end of the pier, he can see one. One that's surely good enough. One that's almost close enough to touch.


  1. AWWWE, so cute! Love it Lori! Welcome aboard.

  2. Oh Lori, this is so wonderfully whimsical and warming. Hugs!

  3. Aw, the poor baby wants a home. Who wouldn't? Great painting.