Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Romeo oh Romeo...

Thank you Cariie for starting this blog!  Just a little background on my reason for starting a program in my area.  I would often visit shelters with my kids.  I was trying to teach them to care and help animals because they are a special part of our world.  I was frustrated because of my financial situation I was not able to adopt many more animals or make a contribution to the shelter as often as I could.

I felt other people would feel the same way about it and I tried to think of a way to do something about it.  I approached  my local SPCA and asked if I could donate a small painting and some Art Cards that they could sell directly to the public.

I suggested they post a sign next to the critter they chose for me to paint to inform the public that they could purchase a painting which would buy a bed for the dog, cat or other animal or they would receive the painting upon adoption.  I wanted to also paint smaller easily affordable art through the art cards.  They could sell the  original for about $10 and sell prints for about $2.  That way, the children would not only have a keepsake but feel they were actually helping the animals left behind.

I told the staff I didn't want to concentrate on the cute kittens and puppies because I knew they would not have to much of a problem getting adopted.  We agreed that I would start with their Senior Citizens and animals with health challenges.  

This is one of the examples I chose to do an art card because of the jpeg image they emailed to me.  As you can see it was not the greatest photo and it was a very small file.  So instead of a painting , I rendered a little card with Romeo's likeness.  Romeo has FIV which means he cannot live with other cats and his health needs extra close monitering.  So a person who adores cats and who cannot adopt Romeo can support him by purchasing the card or print of the card.

The local SPCA and I are in the midst of preparing a "launch" of the program and when that occurs I will let you know how it goes.  I will also let you know of any glitches and ways we resolved them as we encounter them.  Thank you for the interest in this project!


  1. I hope you have lots of success with this, its a fantastic idea well done

  2. Sheila,
    I am here to help as well.
    Great idea!

  3. You've got a fantastic project going here. I have two rescued (older) dogs myself. A painting to encourage adoption is a superb idea!