Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sad not Mad Max

If this is your first visit, please take the time to read Carrie's intro.  Thanks!

Max was living in a home for 10 years and for reasons unknown to me was sent to the SPCA.  Staff says he's just a sweetheart and loves to go for walks.  He was chosen because his special need is that he's deaf.  In his photo, I'm sure staff was trying to make him look happy and cute but he just looked so sad and probably confused as to why he's at a shelter.

6x8 oil on RayMar

An additional note:  Today SPCA staff said the Board of Directors approved some funding of materials for the paintings and now we're trying to figure out how to do this.   I suggested they tack on a little for each painting or card but they want to order the materials and send it to me directly.  I can do that for the canvases but I have no idea what to ask for in the other materials I use and still have.  [ like medium, oil paints, brushes, water color, cards, fixative and varnish]   Any ideas?


  1. He is so cute...Looks sad but still cute.
    Just to let you know that my daughter and her husband just rescued a beautiful Husky name Sport.
    I will try to paint him.
    Nice job Sheila. How do find the time????

  2. Hi Sheila
    This is nice work and from what I can make out a good way of supporting the dogs home.
    I am a bit confused about the board of directors request and your material query.
    Perhaps its me going a bit loopy not understanding.....
    Are you trying to raise money for the dogs home?

  3. Hi Sheila again.
    Sorry I hadnt read the notes on the side.
    Now I know what its about.
    What a good idea this is.

  4. Very nice painting! Max is in my prayers so he will find a forever home soon!

  5. About supplies - Why don't you just put an order together and run the $ by them - say a dozen small canvases and a tube of ea. color you use a lot of, a half a dozen brushes and some medium, fixative and any other supplies you would need to complete 12 pieces and cards to start.

  6. Beautiful painting!! I do hope Max finds a good home! Sheila and Carrie what a wonderful thing you're doing here!!