Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Scotty. Oil on gessoboard panel, 8x8. Painting to be donated to the Westerly, R.I., animal shelter.

Scotty is a good-looking guy, indeed. The animal shelter in Westerly, Rhode Island, an enthusiastic recipient of paintings from the Art for Shelter Animals project is Scotty's current - and former - home.

The description on says that Scotty is an extra-large neutered male who has returned to the shelter because of an illness in his human family. "He is a big rugged boy," the shelter writes, "and would love a new family to spend his life with."

Scotty is 11. He's up to date with his shots, and, yes, he's house-trained.

In my book, there's something extra-special about the old ones. Their eyes might be a little clouded, their hearing a little muffled, their snouts a little gray. But through those old-pet eyes, they direct a lifetime of love at you, whether you're their first human or their 10th.

Scotty is up for adoption. The Westerly Animal Control office is located at the transfer station. You can call it at 401-348-2558, or find it on the web at


  1. You've painted him to be as warm as the sun. Lovely job Carrie.

  2. Scotty looks like a good ole cat who could tell ya some tales..Nice job, Carrie.

  3. Lovely painting, and wonderful colors. I hope Scotty will find a loving and permanent home to spend the rest of his nine lives. As I wrote before, this is a wonderful cause that all of you are contributing to.

  4. What a sweetie, Little Scottie is, and your painting is great! I love the colors. I so agree with you about the older animals up for adoption. They're extra special. Just received photos from my local SPCA of two dogs and a kitty they want to feature.

  5. Thanks for these nice comments, folks. The best thing about making these paintings is how it inspires others to do the same!