Monday, March 16, 2009

These were my "prototypes"

These two 6x8 canvas boards were the first paintings I made to approach my local SPCA with my project idea.  I went to their shelter and took photos with my pocket digital camera.  I didn't know the histories, but I thought they had interesting faces.  These opened the door to get me a meeting with their donations and publicity director.  She sat with me for about a half hour and then took these to the a meeting with the Board of Directors.  I offered to go to their shelter and take photos but the Director said she could email jpegs of the animals they wanted painted first.  As I've explained before some of the jpegs aren't as large as I want so I just make Art Cards of them.  Still waiting to see when they want to do their "launch" of the project.  I'll let you know when it is officially on the calendars. 


  1. Wonderful expressions on both babies here, and I love the dog's bandana. Congrats on all of your progress at the shelter. (what are art cards? are those aceos?) Looking forward to the 'launch' update!

  2. Sheila,
    Such a wonderful job.
    Can I make a donation, painting of a dog/cat but not from the shelter?

  3. I love the expressions on these faces Sheila. Makes me want to give'em a hug! :-D