Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another update

You remember Maria's post about having her class of art students paint portraits of shelter animals.  If you don't click here and read about this heartwarming idea by a fellow artist.

She kindly emailed me with an update on how the shelter used all those wonderful paintings:

Hi Sheila,
Just one more update from the project we worked on.  The shelter ended up auctioning most of the paintings at the fundraiser and raised about 150 dollars.  More importantly, the staff at the shelter got many of them.  Some of the dogs that staff and volunteers had been working with to make them adoptable were given the paintings as gifts from other staff, directors.... All in all it was a good day!
Maria Leysens

What a great benefit for the animals, the volunteers and for the children to learn how a fun activity on their part made a difference in so many ways for the Butler County Humane Society.

Thank you again Maria Kovalenko Leysens!


  1. I love this story and I am emailing it to my art teacher friends! Way to go Maria!

  2. Sheila you and Carrie are making exciting ripples in the big pond of animal rescue! Thanks for sharing the update.
    pughugs from Texas!

  3. A great update, Sheila, Carrie and Sandy! And, besides helping the shelter animals, the children had a memorable and meaningful experience. One that many of them will probably carry through adulthood.

    It would be a great thing to get more schools involved like this, with this project or ones similar to it.

    Can you hear me clapping:)