Sunday, April 5, 2009

Car? Did you say 'car'??

Sheenu, by Vern Schwarz. Oil on masonite, 5.75 x 7.

Vern Schwarz, one of the earliest and most prolific contributors to ASAP, has created another beautiful portrait. Look at the expression in Sheenu's eyes and face - I can almost hear her breathe!

On his blog,, Vern writes that he's decided to help a couple of the less well-funded shelters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where Vern lives.

He writes: "This is Sheenu, a lovely Newfoundland cross who is currently residing at D'Arcy A.R.C. (animal rescue center) and she is looking for a new home. Not much else on her except that she is about 2 years old and looks to have a great disposition. I painted this portrait while listening to Black Joe Lewis, a killer new band whose guitarist just happens to be Camille Larue Olsen's nephew. You can see his fabulous portrait on Camille's blog). Some great tracks on must have spun through about 3 times on my itunes while I was painting, but it didn't matter, because it doesn't get old fast. "


  1. Another winner Vern! What a cutie.

  2. What a beauty, and what a fantastic painting. I sure hope she finds a home.

  3. Vern is a master of expression. So terrific!!