Sunday, April 19, 2009

Framing Tip from Paula Villanova

Most of you know about frugal ways to frame your paintings.  One of my favorite artist Paula Villanova showed me the result of how she used inexpensive lattice from Lowe's to make a gallery frame for her AFSA paintings.   She was told by the delighted recipients that they planned to aution the paintings at their upcoming fundraiser so Paula went the extra mile and framed her paintings (2) in hopes of garnering a higher bid for the Shelter.

Paula wrote:
This is a strip frame made from lattice. It then needs to be cut to size. It does not need to be mitred but does need to be cut carefully so that the edges butt against each other carefully. It can then either be painted, stained, or left natural. They then need to be nailed to the canvas using the right size nails. 

Just wanted to share this awesome tip that I certainly will use in the future. Paula said she picked up a piece of lattice for around $5 and framed TWO paintings with it!

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  1. An artist find showed me this trick about 20 something years ago. It is great for stretched canvas artwork.

    Another option is to visit some fame shops and tell them that you are creating art to help shelter pets and see if they will donate some of the used frames they get when they do a re-framing job. I have bought some nice frames for only $1-4 dollars this way and received some free small frames too. Then I buy and cut some hardboard to the size of the frames and paint on that.