Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Ideas From The Front Line!

I had a wonderful phone conversation with Lisa Cliver, the Burlington County Animal Shelter manger I'm working with, this morning. It was loaded with some brainstorming and many wonderful ideas for the AFSA project! One of the things we decided is that I will provide PDF files from now on for them to print out - to hang by the cages. They will have them laminated to protect them from water spray. These might also be a good size to print out and mat up to sell for a nominal fee - like a $15. donation. I will also make up a poster later today inviting people to the shelter to view the artwork. Lisa will hang these at various county facilities and businesses like the library and pet stores. Here is a sample of one of the PDF files I made up for my shelter which I just emailed to them. I've done nine pieces so far. More to come shortly!!


  1. That's a great idea, Sandy. Not only to help the shelter and the animals, but to promote the blog.

  2. What a great idea! I am most impressed that you are working with the people who are most affected with your donations. You certainly have their buy-in on the program!

    This is more than great advertising for the project or for you, visitors ALWAYS are curious about who paints these portraits and will want to go see your other work at your site!

    On our future website (still in the works) We should have a page dedicated for tips/suggestions and PDF forms just like this.
    Bravo Sandy and Lisa!!!

  3. Ahhhhhh! Beautiful Sandy!! You are so wonderful as a person and an artist. I know we will have a long and happy relationship. AFSA is very lucky to have you too. I am so glad you picked our shelter. I can say "thank you" enough.

    Lisa Cliver

  4. Thanks for the nice comments you all! GREAT idea about a TIPS section!