Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ingrid's heart-wrenching story

Ingrid. By Lori Rowe, for the Little Shelter, on Long Island.

The amazing Lori Rowe saw Ingrid a couple weeks ago at the Little Shelter. Lori, who has a big heart, was touched by Ingrid's story. Here it is:

"When Ingrid came to Little Shelter, she was in very bad condition - in fact, she was dying. Ingrid had spent the first years of her life chained to a fence.

While on that chain, Ingrid gave birth to litter after litter of puppies and didn't know the joy of human love.

When she arrived on our doorstep her body was emaciated and her abdomen was extremely distended. Tests revealed that Ingrid had late stage heartworm and her heart muscle was severely damaged.

Ingrid was near death for quite a while and we weren't sure she was going to make it, but after having 14 lbs.of fluid drained from her chest cavity, lots of TLC, and expert vet care, Ingrid pulled through.

To ensure that Ingrid's heart continued to serve her well, Ingrid needed to be placed on life-long medication and the vet responsible for saving her life recommended
Viagra! Viagra was originally developed as a heart medication, and for Ingrid it has truly been a life-saver!

Now, more than one year later, Ingrid is feeling much better. Her medications and special dietary requirements have proven to be costly, but we will continue to provide her with all of her medical needs. Please help us continue to provide for Ingrid and others like her, while they await new, loving homes, by making a donation to help with their care."

Thank you, Lori. It's a lovely painting!


  1. Bless you Lori! This is a wonderful painting!

  2. how can people be so cruel. thank goodness the kind ones shine through.