Friday, April 17, 2009

Initial Shelter Contact Letter

Here tonight, I am posting the letter I sent to my local animal shelter in hopes that others will be able to edit and utilize it to contact their local shelter and rescue organizations.

Dear Lisa Cliver, John Richardson and Jackie Dennis,

I have some exciting news about a special project that I feel will benefit the shelter, the animals and the staff. I am a local professional artist and animal lover. I became intrigued and emotionally involved the first time I saw this blog,"Art for Shelter Animals". It's headed up by a couple of blogger buddies. After I saw it, I couldn't get it out of my mind, so I knew I just had to get involved and do something to help!

The Art for Animals project is simple. I make paintings of animals in our shelter and donate the paintings to the shelter. That's it, no strings attached! The shelter can do whatever it wants with the paintings. The only thing I ask is that I be given credit and a link to my web site for creating and donating the work wherever it is used.

You can sell or auction them, make posters, note cards or calendars. I suggest possibly doing a monthly Chinese or silent auction or a raffle. You could use it as a gift for someone adopting the painting's subject, or sell it to them for a nominal fee - say half or 1/3 the retail price. (FYI - I charge $149.00 for the size paintings I will be donating to you.) In the future, I would like suggestions on which animals you would like to see depicted. You can copy these images and use them for promotion on your web site or in the newspaper.

The project is already gaining much momentum and publicity online. The East Bay SPCA in California is also taking off with this project and the Promotions and Funding Director will probably be able to answer any questions you might have, from the shelter's point of view. We can contact publications about the project and get publicity for you, the animals and my work.

The more imaginative the shelter management staff, the more ideas we can come up with to raise money and awareness and find more homes for our poor orphan fur babies. I'm looking forward to meeting with you and discussing all the exciting possibilities! I am hoping you are as excited about this as I am.

Eventually I'll get even more local artists involved. The more exposure we get through this, the more support and involvement it will generate from the community. Please explore "my blog " and the "Art for Shelter Animals " blog links thoroughly. Please discuss the possibilities with each other, your friends, staff and directors and get back to me ASAP.

So far I have completed four paintings which you can see on here "my web log"

Find out more about this exciting project by following my links to the "Art For Shelter Animals" .

Best Wishes,
Sandy Sandy

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  1. I really like the way you drew the shelter staff into the project. They are more likely to buy into the program and feel a sense of ownership if they believe they are (which they should be for it to be a success) a vital part of this program's ability to raise funds AND awareness in animal rescue. Great job Sandy!