Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A meeting in Texas

Carrie Jacobson, left, and Nancy Medina met in Irving, Texas on Wednesday.

As my cross-country plein-air painting trip began to take shape, it occurred to me that I might be able to meet some cyberspace friends in real life. For a while, I thought Sheila and I might be in New Mexico at the same time... we missed each other by a day.

But I was able to meet Nancy Medina, a wonderful painter and a friend of animals with a soft spot for pugs. Nancy works near Dallas as the editor of a medical journal, and when I called to say I would be driving through Dallas, we made plans to meet.

We had a delightful lunch together, talking about journalism, writing, painting, animals, animal resuce and this blog. In addition to her marvelous pet portraits, she paints delightful landscapes, flowers and still lifes (check out her website,

Nancy brought up an important point about the project, as well. We're calling it the Art for Shelter Animals Project - but it has broader roots and a broader reach than shelters. Sheila's initial idea was to aim it toward equine rescue - and that - and farm animal rescue - is still very much a part of the idea behind ASAP.

But not all places have good shelter systems. Lori Rowe has encountered this issue on Long Island, and Nancy points out that shelters in Texas are generally not no-kill shelters. Breed-specific rescue groups play an enormous role in finding homes for animals in the Lone Star state.

I will rewrite some of the language in the ASAP explanation, and I hope that all the artists involved in the project understand that they should donate art to the groups in their areas that they support - shelters, humane society, rescue groups - or whatever form animal rescue takes in your area.



  1. That's so cool you were able to get together! What fun!

  2. Forgot to say: Great photo!!

  3. Carrie - I feel like I have known you forever. It was such a treat to get to meet you in person and I hope you made it out to see your dad safely! Thank you for mentioning the role breed specific rescues make here in Texas and in other areas, and the humane societies too are so wonderful for making sure these orphans find furever homes. Our shelters are awesome, too, but sometimes have budget and space limitations, so we all try to work together to do what we can for the babies that need homes.
    sending many pughugs to you and the critters!!! I hope to meet you again someday.

  4. I am so glad and a tad envious that you were able to meet up! One of these days, I'm sure we'll all be able to meet. I foresee an ASAP conference in our future. It may be a ways off but I know this will grow enough so once day we may need an event like that to recognize the work all you wonderful people are doing. hugs!

    PS... Carrie covered it pretty well but I also wanted to include Wildlife Rescue too. I had worked with several organizations while at the Animal Shelter. more hugs!