Friday, April 3, 2009

Miles of smiles, smiles of Miles

This portrait in oils of Miles the pug was painted by Nancy Medina. She's donated it to the Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue group to use on the cover of a fund-raising cookbook.

Nancy Medina of Flower Mound, Texas, has three pugs of her own, and has donated this gorgeous painting to the Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue group, one of the largest pug rescues in the nation. The group is making a cookbook to use as a fund-raiser, and Nancy's painting will grace the cover.

Here's what she writes:
"The Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue is one of the largest pug rescues in the nation. They are currently bringing in approximately five to 10 pugs a week, and are very fortunate to have a number of dedicated volunteers and foster families that help us in that effort. DFW Pug Rescue is a completely unpaid volunteer workforce, and takes in all pugs regardless of age or medical condition. You can read more about DFW Pug Rescue on its web site at or on our blog at"

Nancy makes luscious paintings, not only of pugs, but also of flowers and gardens and landscapes. You can see her work at and


  1. Hi Nancy,I love your work and your heart,you have been given an award. Go to my blog to see it.

  2. Thank you so much Carrie and Sheila for getting the word out about our pug rescue here in Dallas and posting Mile's portrait. You guys are awesome.
    Thank you Lori for the award - I will scooch over right now and see!
    puggy hugs from Flower Mound...

  3. Such a cutie!! What a wonderful face, and wonderful portrait, Nancy. I lived with a lovely pug named Dandy when I was a teenager. He was a snorty, funny, happy guy! Great work with the pug rescue group. Liz

  4. Oh Nancy!!! This is awesome!!! I just want to hug and cuddle this cutie!

  5. Oh! It's our own Nancy and the Fatties.
    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.
    I wish something like this could happen in Massachusetts where 3-4 Humane Society facilities are CLOSING in Sept. Any advice on how to get it going?

  6. Adorable and loaded with color!