Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Molly, The Mastiff Mix

Here's a photo of an oil painting I just did of Molly. As you can see, it's still very wet. For me, as a watercolorist, the hardest thing about painting in oils, is waiting days, even weeks for the darn thing to dry! Also, I seem to be getting a glare from the slick surface of the pigments in my photos, even without a flash and in subdued light. Any suggestions and tips you guys could offer on the above issues would be appreciated. See more about Molly, the Mastiff Mix and photos on my web log.


  1. Hey, Sandy! Nice mastiff! I like the look in her eye and the smile on her face.

    As for photos, what I've found works is this: Go outside and find a place where there's a good, unbroken shadow. Put the painting flat on the ground in this shadow and shoot down on it. You will have to crop it... This technique always works for me, no matter how much paint I have on the canvas. Let me know!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment Carrie. I was worried that she looked mean. Your nice remark made me feel better. Thanks again! Hugs, sandy

  3. Oh, and thanks so much for the tip.... I think it worked. Today's shot came out better, don't you think? :-D