Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Now for some GREAT NEWS...

Maria Kovalenko Leysens dropped her paintings, her son's painting and those from her class as described in the earlier post to the Butler County Humane Society in Pennsylvania.  Maria updated us with this email:

The shelter was thrilled with the paintings. Thanks to all for all the great comments and it is good to know that we inspired many others to do the same in their areas. This project is contagious! The shelter chose to auction one of the paintings at the "Fur Ball" fundraiser this weekend and will hang the others in the shelter till November when they have their "Pawcasso" fund raiser. We will definately do this again next year!
and below is just one of the thank yous that I got from the shelter.

Hi Maria I am one of the Fur Ball chair women, We LOVED the paintings the kids did!!! I couldn't choose one so I took a few!! Your "kids" are so talented!!! Keep up the great work...hope to see you at the Shelter some day!!

Cindy D


This was a fun project and the girls are already planning to do more in oil pastels next.  I already have two more...

Thanks for all the nice things you said on the blog and thanks for the idea/inspiration with your blog.........

Maria Leysens

All the credit needs to go to Maria and her students.  People can think something is a good idea all day long, but it's that initial step that propels special people like Maria to go on a do wonderful things for her community.  She is also setting an example for the next generation.  With a lot of our youth thinking about "what's in it for me?"  or what they're next video game is going to be, isn't it nice to be able to show them how good they can feel by giving to others?   It's an inexpensive 'high' but one that hopefully last a lifetime.   Great job Maria!  Please drop by Maria's blog and also extent your appreciation for her efforts!


  1. Bravo Maria!! I'm trying to get this going in my area w/ k-12 art teachers. You are an inspiration!
    Thank you very much! :-D