Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sadie Sadie Panting Lady

Sadie is 6x8 oil on RayMar
Available at the EastBay SPCA

Sadie is a Grand Ol' Gal.  Staff describes her as very loving with a heart as big as her body.  Because of her weight she's on a special diet and tires easily during walks so a patient but insistent family would be best for her.

When I met with the Program Development Director to deliver the first set of paintings several weeks ago, my kids were with me.  The other night when I finished Sadie, Donovan said, "Did that dog have a cone on her head?"  Of course he didn't mean like a dunce cap but the medical one around her neck.  I cannot be sure of this because I didn't get a look at her face during the tour but knowing how much my son loves animals and insects, I have no doubt it was who he saw in her kennel that day.


  1. She looks like a sweetie, Sheila! Your son sounds very caring and perceptive.

  2. Sheila, Sadie looks like a dear. I love the painting and the emotions all.