Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some materials you can use

Hi, everyone! The speed at which this project is growing is just astonishing! Sheila and Sandy and I are thrilled - and so far, it's growing simply by word of mouth - and word of blog. You good people, you wonderful artists, you're carrying the message, and look what's happening.

Your paintings, your stories, your generosity, your spirit - I knew we could help the animals. I didn't suspect we could shape the world, but it feels like that's what we're doing.

I've had some ideas, as I have delivered paintings, and as I'm preparing to drive to Arizona on a painting trip (you can follow me at

First, I like to include a certificate of authenticity when I sell a painting. In it, I usually write where and when I made the painting, and list my catalogue number. (Since I often paint the same landscapes, I decided to identify my work with a title, but also with a number. This is generally the year (09) the month (04) the day (02) the medium (o for oil, p for pastel) and then, if I've painted more than one, a letter. So the second oil painting I do today will be 090402oB).

So for the ASAP project, I am making certificates of authenticity. Here's an example:

This is two cards - and if I were making it at home, it would be on two documents, one of fronts of the cards, one of insides of the cards.

The second document I made is a poster that shelters can copy to hand out to visitors.

The third is a postcard - again, front and back are on the same document - that I'm going to take with me on my painting trip, and hand out all over the country.

If I can conquer the technology, I will have these available as pdfs in a few days. Meantime, feel free to use them in any way you like. You can take them entirely as they are, or change them to work for you (clearly, the authentication letter would need to be changed) - and you don't have to use them at all!

A last note: A photographer from our local paper (she's also a painter, and I believe I recruited her into the project) took shots of me making a shelter painting yesterday. I'm meeting with a reporter today - and really looking forward to seeing how publicity shapes the project!

Thank you all so very much.


  1. Thanks, Carrie ...another brilliant idea.... Now I have more work to do...but I appreciate sharing these organizational tips.:-)))

  2. Great ideas and designs Carrie! Thanks :-D

  3. Great Idea Carrie!!! I'm going to steal,...uh...use them right now! HUGS!!

  4. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this. Safe travels, Carrie and have a fun trip! Liz

  5. Idea/suggestion: Consider contacting your local print shops and let them know about your Art for the Shelter Animals project and ask them for a price break (be a sponsor) on printing the fliers, postcards, art prints, etc...

    Tell them that they can add a small text ad to all the printed items, like: Printing by (company name and phone number) in support of the shelter animals.

    You might get a NO, but then you might get a YES too. Make sure to speak with the owners or managers of the shops.

  6. By the way, here is another idea. Art supplies: Many framing shops get a lot of reframing jobs and sell the old frames cheap -- sometimes for only a dollar or two.

    Let them know about your art project and ask for a special price on these old frames or a donation of some of them. Most look nearly new and those that need a little touch up look great spay painted or clear coated.

    Hardboard can be cut to fit these frames and then coated with gesso. Or you can find a sign shop in your area and see if you can get a donation of some free misprinted plastic board signs which can be cut to the frame sizes. I use to glue fabric over these signs boards and then give the fabric a coat or two of gesso.

    Happy hunting and happy painting and if you try this you are also spreading the news about this great project. Get more people involved!

  7. The top of this page says there are PDFs on this page but there are not. The link to this pages, says it is for promotional items. However, when I click on the images and they open larger in another window, they are jpegs.

    Just letting you guys know in case you didn't realize.