Monday, April 13, 2009

Some more good news

"Big Boy"  6x8" oil on RayMar
Oakland SPCA, 19 pounds of cat!
Antonio (2.5x3.5 inch watercolor on art card)
A sweet fellow unfortunately with FIV waiting for a home
that understands his illness at the East Bay SPCA, CA

I chose to do an Art Card for Antonio because the jpeg they emailed me was rather small.

The SPCA dedicated a web page for our project on their site.  Admin denied my contact's request to have this blog posted based on a policy not to 'advertise' other websites.   No problem.  This is good exposure for the SPCA, our project and me.  A Google on the project name or me should lead the inquisitive minds to this blog any way.  

Bingo got adopted after being with the shelter over a year!  

Now a request I was not expecting from my shelter.   They would like a couple more paintings of Kayla and Bingo because other people have requested their painting.  I suggested other poses or styles and she hoped I could do it similar to the original.  YIPES!  I don't know if I can....anyone out there have suggestions?  I'm asking on my other blog too.

Hugs in advance...


  1. Hi, just love those kitties. Is it possible to produce giclees from the original? Ok probable not what you had in mind. Have you suggested other subjects? It may be that it's not the subjects but YOUR talent that they want.

  2. I love this cat portrait Sheila! You just keep getting better and better!! I think maybe you are making the repaintings harder than they are by your thinking.... ? :-D Don't you have photos of them to go by? If so, just use them as reference and copy as closely as possible. They will never notice if they are a little different. You cold even blow them up via xerox and transfer a pencil sketch to your canvas, or trace them if they were in watercolor. Hugs, Sandy

  3. Hey, Sheila - congratulations on all of this! It's wonderful, and your paintings - wow.

    Prints of the original portrait might work? Otherwise, I'd just try doing another painting (as Sandy said) and doing it however you want to do it, however you are moved to do it. My guess is that they will love it, no matter what.


  4. Hi, Sheila - I agree with the others --can they make prints from the original? Big Boy is a fantastic painting. I love the blue-gray background and his pink nose, and upward look. I also agree that if you decide to paint any works a second time, don't worry if it's a "match." Your second painting will be just as wonderful.