Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spreading the word

Hello, all!

I've been on the road for the past few weeks. Drove from my home in Connecticut out to Tubac, Arizona, to visit my dad and his wife. I also visited Ganado and Fort Defiance, Arizona, where I was born and spent my first few years.

I painted landscapes the entire way back. You can see my paintings and read about my trip at

On my way, I handed out about 1,000 postcards for the Art for Shelter Animals project. I left them in galleries and coffee shops, hotels and animal shelters. I gave them to everyone I spoke with and anyone who looked at my paintings. I contacted television stations and newspapers across the country, and tried to drum up interest the entire way.

One place that really captured my interest was Old Friends, in Georgetown, Kentucky, just northeast of Lexington. It's a gorgeous, expansive farm where thoroughbred horses are brought to retire. Some have owners who pay for their keep, I believe, and others are rescued by the organization. The couple who run the place (I admit, I have forgotten their names) were wonderfully receptive to the project. For anyone who's interested in helping them, their website has a bunch of excellent photographs of the horses.

While I was away, our local paper published a story on me and on our the project. Here's the url:

So far, it has not generated any interest or any art, I'm sorry to say. But I will keep pushing!


  1. Dear Carrrie, Thank you for all you are doing to spread the word about 'Art for Shelter Animals' and don't let anything get you down. Bit by bit your efforts will add up. Just keep at it. Colorful postcards are a great idea. Don't forget to leave some at art supply shops too.

  2. Carrie,
    What a nice thing to do to spread the word about the art for shelter animals project. You have planted a seed that may take a while to germinate, but will grow. My favorite saying is, "you can't trip over it, if you are not moving!"