Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Vanilla

Vanilla resides at the Scituate Animal Shelter in Scituate, MA

I am just delighted in annoucing Paula Villanova's second contribution to the project with a yummy portrait of Vanilla!  Doesn't she look like a dollap of ice cream on top of a cone here?  Paula has a wonderful unique style that she brought to this painting for her local Scituate Animal Shelter.  She has already contacted the shelter and wrote in an email:

The Scituate Animal Shelter got back to me and is delighted to receive the two paintings...they have plans to auction them. I was not going to frame them but since they will be auctioned, I am planning on using an inexpensive stripping that I can get at Home Depot and cut to size...a little trick I learned as a poor art student way back when! I just think that if they are ready to hang, they will get more $$$ for them..

I am hoping she will share with us her how she does her "little trick" with the stripping because I think its a good idea for my paintings (personal and for this project)

Please visit her website or blog and say 'hello' and view her other great works.

I am also humbled to learn our blog has been awarded with a pair of award from a talented and prolific bloggers.   We were presented with a "i XO your art blog" award by the world renown animal artist Akiko Watanabe and the "One Lovely Blog Award" from an artist and blogger I admire Darlene Twitchell. 

Thank you Darlene and Akiko!  Your support and acknowledgement of this project and blog is priceless and an affirmation of our purpose.   


  1. Very very sweet painting. Love the colors.

  2. Hi Sheila,
    Thank you for visiting my blog today.
    And this is awesome! What a great project!
    I'll definitely try to paint one soon and ask my fellow artists for their participation.

  3. Awe, so sweet! Thanks Paula... :-D