Monday, May 11, 2009

Another older girl

Daphne. By Liz Pearson of Cape Town, South Africa.

Liz Pearson of Cape Town, South Africa, has sent us this lovely painting of Daphne. What great ears and what a winning smile!

Liz works with DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Group), in Cape Town, which does not have the same kind of shelter system we have in the United States. Daphne, Liz writes, is an older dog, who's been with DARG for a while.

"Daphne has been with DARG for some time now," Liz writes, "and the hopes of her being re-homed are quite remote. It is scary the number of animals that are 'discarded' by people - they currently have a whole host of puppies that have been rescued and one puppy pitbull that is deaf.

"I always feel so sad when I see the faces of all these lost animals. Thank goodness for organisations like DARG and thank goodness for people like Sheila and Carrie who give people like me an opportunity to help them."

Liz is a marvelously talented painter, and a steady supporter of the Art for Shelter Animals Project. Take a look at her work on her blog, Art with Liz

And thank you, Liz, for your beautiful work and your beautiful words.


  1. Yay Liz! Daphne is a beauty and is probably delighted you decided to paint her.

  2. Daphne looks like such a kind hearted soul Liz. Thanks so much for your wonderful efforts!

  3. great concept for the shelter animals to be represented by such a creative and diverse group of artists.

  4. Another beautiful portrait - I mentioned your blog today Carrie and Sheila!
    pughugs from Texas...