Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Brewster. Oil on masonite, 6x12. By Olga Wagner. To be donated to the Animal Protection Society (Orange County in North Carolina).

Olga Wagner, whose wonderful daily animal-painting blog will enchant you, made this painting of Brewster the corgi. She is donating it to the Orange County, N.C., Animal Protection Society. Olga writes that the painting will be used in the society's fall fundraiser campaign.

"It will be featured on their flyers and possibly t-shirts!!!" she writes.

I, for one, would buy a T-shirt with Brewster on it, no question. So Olga, let us know! Heck, I might even buy two.

Many thanks for this beautiful painting.


  1. Me too! What a great idea!!! I want a t-shirt!

  2. LOVE your composition and colorful lively brushwork. What a happy painting!