Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Come Visit The Shelter Posters

This is the full sheet 8.5 X 11" version to be used where space is available.

I had another wonderful phone conversation with Lisa Cliver, the Burlington County Animal Shelter manger I'm working with, yesterday. The PDF files I provided are working out quite well. They got them laminated and are hanging them by all the cages of the animals that look like the subject. From what Lisa said, they are getting a lot of attention and positve feedback from them. In my April 17th post, I also intended to make up a poster later that day inviting people to the shelter to view the artwork. I forgot completely about it, so I did that and sent these two versions out to Lisa and staff in PDF format today. Lisa will hang these at various county facilities and businesses like the library and pet stores. Please use these tips, letters and ideas any way you wish to help promote your own shelter project!

This version will be cut in two and will be used where there is limited space.


  1. Should be popular with so many people who loves animals. Nice idea.

  2. I am an artist, and I own a shelter animal. I have also been asked to pick six blogs and mention them, ones I think are worthy of note. I hope you don't mind that I chose yours. You can read about it if you care to at

  3. Sandy, great job! I love your ideas, and really admire the execution. Thanks for the blog award, too. Exciting!

  4. Thanks for the feedback ladies! I'm off to look at the post on
    THANKS to you all! Hugs, Sandy