Sunday, May 31, 2009

A new home for Toto!

Galen's new pup. To be donated to the shelter in Plainfield, Conn.

Edwin's painting, on the left. My painting on the right.

Kate and Edwin at Pets Plus.

Hi, everyone. Carrie here, reporting in on my painting gig Saturday at Pet Supplies Plus in Groton, Conn.

The best thing was that I had company painting!

I'd only been there for a little while when Edwin walked in. He's the boyfriend of Kate, one of the wonderful people who work at the pet store, and while Edwin usually works Saturdays at his job at Burger King, he had the day off, and was spending at least part of it at the pet store with his gal.

Edwin and Kate both, it turns out, like to paint. Kate was working, but Edwin took brush to canvas and did this lovely little painting of a pit bull in one of our local shelters.

He worked very carefully, drawing the dog first, on the teeny little canvas, and then painting her, spots and expression and all, then putting in a bright orange background, with some green grass, to attract attention.

Edwin is a soft-spoken young man who loves animals and loves art. I will donate his painting to the shelter, and hope that he comes and paints with me the next time I do this, two Saturdays from now.

My friend Amanda Oakes came out and painted, too, though she'd only begun to warm up when it was time for me to leave. But she says she'll be there next time, and she'll bring a friend.

It was great to have other people painting with me. It attracted more attention - I gave away a bunch of flyers, and talked to dozens of people about the project. I saw all kinds of dogs, many of whom were rescues. And the best part was being around animal lovers for the whole day.


  1. That is so great Carrie! It's nice to see people just jump right in there and join you! This might end up being another news story!

  2. Thanks, Sheila! It might, indeed. Anything I can do to get us off the ground... xo

  3. That sounds like such a fun day. What great paintings, and so cool that they joined you!