Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is Pia

8 1/2 year old female

Pia is a member of East Bay SPCA's Silver Muzzle Club because of her age.  She is quite loving and lovable.  The photo wasn't the greatest so I decided to do  one of my art cards for Pia.  I included a plastic frame and an easel for her too.  It was fun to drop off a set of paintings.  The volunteers at the front desk immediately recognized almost all of the dogs and cats in the paintings and were very excited to see new paintings for the show case.


  1. This looks so great in the frame and with the easel. I love the scalloped edge, too. You are so creative and giving!

  2. Very cute Sheila! Where are you getting these little easels? I love how you have color coordinated it too! :-D You are like the energizer bunny who just keeps giving.... Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all. Hugs, Sandy

  3. oh this kid will make waves in future.....wonderful!!

  4. This looks great! Lovely painting - and where did you get the frame? I got the teeny canvases, including the landscape canvases, at A.C. Moore - this is a chain art-supply store that I think might only be in the east. I never thought of painting the easels!

    And isn't it a great experience to bring the paintings to the shelter? It's the best.

    Beautiful job, Sheila.