Friday, May 22, 2009

Timmi is welcomed to a forever home!

An update we all love to hear.  Timmi was adopted by a wonderful family.  This is what the wonderful new 'mom' wrote:

I am writing in regards to the painting of Timmi - I found your names
at this link associated with the art project:

I am adopting Timmi from the PGSPCA and will be bringing him home next
week actually! After a couple of months of waiting (had to move to a
new house and it's been a long process) I cannot wait to bring him to
his forever-home where he will be an only child and very spoiled!

Timmi's foster mom Denise sent me the link and I absolutely love the
picture. I was hoping you might be able to help me get my hands on it
actually...I'd be willing to make a donation to the PGSPCA in exchange
for it.

Well it turns out the Prince George's County SPCA was planning to give her Timmi's painting all along.
When I told her this she wrote:

Thanks soooo much for the information! I would be happy to make an
additional donation to the shelter on top of my adoption fee, though I
don't have several hundred, but it's amazing of Liz to donate her
beautiful work.

I literally fell in love with TImmi from the first time I saw his
pictures on petfinder and it's been a long process to get everything
in order but I can't wait to bring him home. Liz is indeed talented
and one of my dog-loving coworkers wants to commission a portrait of
her dog now too after I sent her the link.

You guys are really wonderful, and I hope that I can give back in the
future, now that I'm aware of the project. I'm not a great painter or
anything but I would love to try my hand at being part of the Art for
the Animals project in some way, it's a great idea.

Thanks again, you're too fabulous :)

So there are happy endings after all....


  1. Yay Timmi, Timmi's new mom, Liz, AFTA, and Prince George's County SPCA!!

  2. Thanks for posting the update, Sheila! :-)

  3. I don't know if anyone still checks this but this is Timmi's mom (Ellen) and I wanted to update you that Timmi is very happy however he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and we don't know how much longer he'll be around. The painting is hanging in my house and I will treasure it long after my old guy is gone. I will never stop being grateful to all of you who helped give Timmi the chance at life he deserved and he has rurned into the most wonderdul dog that everyone who meets him falls in live with.