Sunday, June 21, 2009

Khaya finds a home

Khaya, by Liz Pearson. To be donated to DARG, Domestic Animal Rescue Group, in
Cape Town, South Africa.

Liz writes, from Cape Town, South Africa, that Khaya and a companion dog were picked up wandering near a highway just outside of Cape Town. In her wonderful blog, Art with Liz, she writes that Khaya is:

"an approximately 8 month old cross Husky/Lab. Luckily she was in pretty good condition when they found her and the fantastic thing is that both she and the other dog, Ujo, have been adopted. It seems the young dogs have a better chance than the older residents.

"(Khaya is the Zulu word for 'home'. It is also the genus of the African mahogany tree, according to Wikipedia - something I never knew!)"

Liz is a marvelously talented painter, and a steady supporter of the Art for Shelter Animals Project. Take a look at her work on her blog. She is hoping that Khaya's new owners will donate to DARG, the Cape Town shelter system, for the painting.


  1. Thanks for your submission Liz. Wonderful story and beautiful work. I'm glad Khaya has a new home!

  2. A wonderful portrait! Kayla reminds me of my Husky/Doberman, Roxi--also a shelter pup with a checkered past. This is beautiful.