Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Little Tigress

Tonight for my sketching everyday post, I decided to do a shelter animal sketch. Now that the Cedar Run Fund Raiser is over, I've been thinking a lot about the "Art For Shelter Animals" Project again. I went online to my local shelter's web site, and saw this little cutie # C-27468. She looks just like my Tiger cat, so I call her Little Tigress. She is a small, healthy, loving, declawed orange tabby who is about 3 years young. If you'd like more information about this kitty feel free to stop by the Burlington County Animal Shelter. If you call them please have the kitty's identification number handy.

Remember, your local shelters and refuges are happy and grateful to accept donations of a variety of items. During the spring and summer there is increased need for kitten milk replacement and kitten food. Toys are welcome for the kittens and younger cats. Newspapers and soft bedding material, such as fleece and towels, help keep the residents comfortable. Call your local shelter or visit their web site to see what other items they might need.


  1. beautiful sketch!!! soooooo sweet!!! nice detail :)

  2. Sandy, this is so lovely. I want to curl up with this kitty. Beautiful sketch!

  3. Thanks for the comments girls! I feel a little rusty, but I know from experience, it'll get easier as the summer goes on! Funny, the reference for this sketch was straight up and the reference for tonight's sketch was reclining. I never make it easy on myself.. Hee Hee - part of the fun is the challenge I guess. :-D