Monday, June 8, 2009

A New Home For MAXINE

This morning I did the oil portrait of the black and white kitty that I posted the sketch of here a couple of days ago. I called Don and told him it was done. He was in the area, so stopped by and picked it up. He gave me his $75. donation for the Burlington County Animal Shelter which I will give to them on Sunday, as I will be joining them at their booth for the county's annual "Earth Fair". I will take my paints, sketchbook and flyers about the "Art For Shelter Animals Project". Hopefully I will be able to drum up more interest in the project here locally.
I asked Don if he had a name picked out. He had a black and white which he just lost recently called Max, so his new addition is going to be Maxine. He seemed anxious to adopt her. I'm sure she'll have a great home!! Thanks so much Don!

(Just as note of possible interest for you artists - With these little 5" x 7" canvas boards, I leave an unpainted corner 'til the very end, so I can hang onto it while I paint! :-D)


  1. Wow!!! Thank you for the fantastic post, story, photos and the very happy ending! You're doing a fantastic job Sandy!

  2. It's wonderful, Sandy! What a sweet kitty and great portrait.