Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sweet Sara

Sara, by Carrie Jacobson. Oil on canvas panel, 5x7. To be donated to the Ledyard, Conn., animal shelter.

The blurb on Sara is that she's a holy terror in her crate, but is fine and sweet and loving outside of the crate. This is a kitty who needs a home!

Sara is one of a group of paintings I made last Saturday at Pet Supplies Plus in Groton. It's really fun to paint in a setting like this. You meet a lot of nice people and a lot of nice animals. Usually, they are dogs. But this Saturday, a woman came in with her cat!

She had his little bed in the front basket part of the cart, and he was snuggled up in it, as cool as could be. He's one of eight cats, I think she said. Many of them have issues, and this one - Oono - was no exception. He has had terrible seizures, and that's why she began taking him with her on errands, just so she could keep an eye on him. Medications and surgery are seeming to work, she says. He hasn't had a seizure for months.

Here's his photo:


  1. wonderful portrait, Carrie. I love the colors you've given Sara.

    I can't get over little Oono in the shopping cart. How precious that he'll sit there while his companion runs errands. That's one amazing story!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Liz and Sandy! It was really fun - and Oono was a riot. Hope your summers are less soggy than the one here...

  3. Oh Carrie I just love Sara and you, as usual, well write story on the kitty with troubles. Your painting just gets better and better.