Friday, July 31, 2009

Angela's Amazing Azalea!

8x10 oil on canvas

I got to know Angela Elledge through Karin Jurick's Different Strokes from Different Folks Blog. She is one the first group of artists from this challenge that I started following earlier this year. Angela is an experienced plein air painter but I've always admired her pet portraits and her figural paintings. Her movie star looks and her love for cows and long horns make her such an interesting person as well.

This is Angela's first contribution for the Art for Animals project! Her friend decided to take Azalea from a shelter where she had been for over 100 days to try and give her the comforts of a home until she found her forever home. Angela plans to give this beautiful painting to Azalea's new family.

Please check out Angela's wonderful website and blog. See if you can find a couple of my favorite paintings: Lucy, Four on the Floor and Old Eyebrows.

Thank you so much Angela!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Shelter, Big Success

This photo accompanies the Little Shelter's article about Lori Rowe and the Art for Shelter Animals Project.

The wonderful painter and animal-lover, my friend Lori Rowe, has moved from Long Island to New Mexico (not the good part of New Mexico, she says, but the hot and dry part), and is painting there and doing very good deeds to help the animal population.

The Little Shelter, a Long Island rescue operation to which Lori donated a beautiful painting (see the March 18 post) has highlighted her and our project in its newsletter. Here's what they say:

"‘Art for Animals’ is a project that encourages artists to paint a portrait of an animal in their local animal shelter, or a portrait of an animal that is part of a rescue operation.

"When Long Island artist Lori Rowe decided to join this group of animal-loving artists, she began researching shelters in her area. After reading about Little Shelter, Lori knew that this was the first organization she would like to help.

"On Sunday, March 29, Lori came to Little Shelter armed with a wonderful painting entitled ‘Home’. The painting depicts a stray dog looking toward houses, and wishing for one of his own. Lori toured Little Shelter with her husband, and knew that she had made the right choice.

"During her visit, Lori was further inspired by one of our longer-term residents, Ingrid. She immediately decided to do a portrait of Ingrid which Little Shelter could present to whoever adopts this lovely lady.

Says Little Shelter President, Maryann Chernovsky, ‘It is wonderful that a group like Art for Animals exists to help shelter animals. We thank Lori for her generosity. She has a gift for capturing the soul of animals.'

‘Home’ will soon be auctioned to raise money for the dogs and cats at Little Shelter."

Hooray for Lori Rowe and Little Shelter!

And a p.s.: Lori writes to say that it looks like Ingrid has a home!

- Carrie

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This week - Dog Drawing & Cat Sketch Challenge

My final sketch of a dog from the Burlington County Shelter is a composite put together in Photoshop from two finished drawings I did for our sketchingeveryday current sketching challenge.

This week I've had a bit of interest from the ASAP blog, so I'm posting two different challenge photos to try to get some new peps involved!

Remember K I S S - squint, and break the subject down into shapes (positive and negative). I find it easier to draw something when I think of it as a shape, instead of a thing. Right Brain vs. Left Brain

This photo is one of the poor kitties I took photos of that were in jail at the shelter. I'm going to draw this guy without the bars, however. I'll probably lightly sketch in the bars though, as they do break the subject up into smaller and simpler shapes which will be an aid in the drawing process. Drawing a precise grid on your photo and the same dimensions on your paper is a classic and useful drawing technique.

This year, I'm posting a photo at the beginning of the week on my sketchingeveryday blog and if anyone chooses to sketch this (in any medium, colors or not) and send your drawing to:, I'll post it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kay Accepts The Challenge

I got a wonderful drawing in last night from Kay (check out her website!). She writes;" I have recently found your blog, and love this idea. I am sorry to be late with my drawing, but here it is. I enjoy very much trying to draw dogs!"

Well Kay, actually, you are early! I usually don't post the current challenge drawing until Sunday or Monday. Please feel free to send in any of the challenge drawings at any time. I always appreciate artist's efforts. Nice to meet you and thank you so much for your lovely colored pencil drawing, Kay!

See more about this challenge here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jiles from Jersey

Jiles. Illustration in pencil, watercolor and crayon by Ashley Lucas. Donated to the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, N.J.

Ashley Lucas of Jersey City, N.J., saw the call for artists in the back of Art Calendar and was inspired to join. She wrote to her local shelter, found a photo on petfinder and chose a cat who, she writes, "has lots of personality!"

"His name is Jiles and he's a white Tuxedo mix who was adoptable last week and hopefully has a home by now... " she writes.

Ashley framed her illustration, which she made using pencils, watercolors and crayons, and donated it to the shelter, which plans to use it to decorate a wall that desperately needs some artwork.

On her website, Ashley describes herself this way: "I take pictures. I draw. I make movies. I wear big earrings and I love eating a good meal out." Hey... she sounds like me... Except for the drawing and the movies... Her website is just wonderful, loaded with beautiful and whimsical work. Fun!

We're all so happy you're with us, Ashley!

- Carrie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Elkhound / Shepherd Mix Sketching Challenge

Today I'm posting the next challenge photos of a pretty pup I met at the Burlington County Animal Shelter for my SketchingEveryday weekly drawing challenge. When I went to the shelter, I took many reference photos of the animals for our Art For The Animals project. I did one sketch of this little cutie this morning and I hope some of you artists that are reading this will join in too.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Memorial Piece for Harold

Harold the Pygmy Goat
6x6 oil on Hardboard

This is a memorial piece for a the wonderful folks at Animal Place Sanctuary. They had rescued Harold and he had become a dear addition to their Sanctuary before passing away last week. Please read about his inspiring story and the awesome folks at this Bay Area Rescue focusing on farm and other domestic animals here. I hope they will let me do more art for them in the future.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Tale of Love and Rescue

Border Collie. By Ann Gilchrist; donated to the Groton, Conn., animal shelter.

Ann Gilchrist writes that this border collie, Tildon, was found in a Dumpster in Providence, R.I.

A friend of Ann's heard the dog whimpering, plucked him out of the Dumpster and hid him in his dorm room at Brown University.

The dorm assistant found out, and threatened to kick Anton (Ann's friend) out of the dorm because of the dog. Anton's parents agreed to keep Tildon until Anton graduated, but fell in love with the dog and told their son he had to get his own dog.

Tildon, Ann writes, "was so smart and loving. Tildon herded the grandchildren and kept Abner the feral cat in order. He was loved by all and a joy to be around. He never forgot where he came from. The family was so heartbroken when he died from cancer they told me they could not get another dog. So they rescued two kittens Violet and Rose."

What a wonderful story of love and rescue!

- Carrie

Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome, Wonderful Ann

Daffy, by Ann Gilchrist. Donated to the Groton, Conn., animal shelter.

Ann Gilchrist, a painter and photographer from the southeastern Connecticut area, has joined the Art for Shelter Animals Project - and in a big way!

This lovely portait of Daffy is one of four that Ann has made and donated to the animal shelter in Groton, Conn.

Daffy, she writes, "was abused and kept in the basement of a home and rarely let out with people. She was kept in the dark. Needless to say, she had issues due to lack of light and affection. She was taken from the home and put into a very loving and affectionate family. Daffy, was at last loved and lived happily until her death by cancer at age 14. I used to take care of her and she was so sweet."

Ann spends most of her time caring for her elderly parents, and also works as a dog walker and pet sitter. She does computer work and fund-raising, too. You can see more of her work at, and

She's going to have work in a show soon - I'll post more info when I know it.

- Carrie

Sunday, July 5, 2009

She's a lovely Flower

Warren's Flowerwalk
12x12 oil on wrapped canvas
4 year old filly
waiting for adoption at CANTER.CA

This lovely flower of a filly came to CANTER with a stress fracture and fybrotic myopathy (scar tissue in the muscle) after training at the Pleasanton racetrack. She never got to race. She has just begun her rehab with CANTER and hopefully will be adopted soon. She's described as a "sweet lady." Her portrait will help fund this all volunteer, run solely on donations organization.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mr. President

Mr. President for CANTER
8x8 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Mr. President is the grandson of the famous Seattle Slew. Though he looks strikingly like his Triple Crown winning grandfather, he was retired at 3 years old after losing all four races he ran in at Golden Gate fields. It appears he "didn't care" about going fast and running around in a circle with a crowd. His owners have given him to a wonderful organization called CANTER which I introduced with Lil's painting. The owners are also doing something extraordinary by helping CANTER's costs in retraining and border until he can find a new owner.

Mr. President reminds me of the old children's story of Ferdinand the Bull where the bull rather smell the flowers in the field than fight in the ring.

Lil's and Mr. President's paintings are set to be auctioned at CANTER's annual fund raiser.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a Mug, What a Pug

Pug. By Judy Mackey, donated to the Metroport Humane Society of North Texas.

The shelter system in Texas, according to Nancy Medina and Judy Mackey, is just pretty darn bad. Animals are put to death days after being brought to the shelters there. Rescue groups have sprung up, started, maintained and supported by people who love dogs and cats.

Judy Mackey, an amazingly talented painter living near Dallas, donated this painting to the Metroport Humane Society of North Texas.

The society, Judy wrotes, "does not have a kennel facility but relies on fosters to take in pets and also encourages spay and neutering - they offer low-cost solutions for spaying and neutering. Members often visit area animal shelters to rescue pets who might otherwise be euthanized."

Check out Judy's website and her blog to see more of her fine work. Check out Nancy Medina's lovely paintings on her website, too! We're so lucky that they're with us on the project.

We're lucky that you ALL are with us on this project. Thank you.

- Carrie