Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jiles from Jersey

Jiles. Illustration in pencil, watercolor and crayon by Ashley Lucas. Donated to the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, N.J.

Ashley Lucas of Jersey City, N.J., saw the call for artists in the back of Art Calendar and was inspired to join. She wrote to her local shelter, found a photo on petfinder and chose a cat who, she writes, "has lots of personality!"

"His name is Jiles and he's a white Tuxedo mix who was adoptable last week and hopefully has a home by now... " she writes.

Ashley framed her illustration, which she made using pencils, watercolors and crayons, and donated it to the shelter, which plans to use it to decorate a wall that desperately needs some artwork.

On her website, Ashley describes herself this way: "I take pictures. I draw. I make movies. I wear big earrings and I love eating a good meal out." Hey... she sounds like me... Except for the drawing and the movies... Her website is just wonderful, loaded with beautiful and whimsical work. Fun!

We're all so happy you're with us, Ashley!

- Carrie


  1. This is sooooooooo adorable! Whimsically grumpy cat.... probably unhappy being in a shelter instead on someone's lap. What a wonderful way to cheer a shelter up! I wouldn't be surprised if people would want prints of these. I hope Ashley has a set of cards for the shelter folk to hand out.

  2. LOVE your work Ashley. The world can always use more smiles! THANKS!!

  3. Oh I love this!! I agree with Sheila - whimsically grumpy cat. I'd buy a notecard with this design on it!!

  4. Thanks everyone! I loved drawing this cat... he had so much expression!