Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Shelter, Big Success

This photo accompanies the Little Shelter's article about Lori Rowe and the Art for Shelter Animals Project.

The wonderful painter and animal-lover, my friend Lori Rowe, has moved from Long Island to New Mexico (not the good part of New Mexico, she says, but the hot and dry part), and is painting there and doing very good deeds to help the animal population.

The Little Shelter, a Long Island rescue operation to which Lori donated a beautiful painting (see the March 18 post) has highlighted her and our project in its newsletter. Here's what they say:

"‘Art for Animals’ is a project that encourages artists to paint a portrait of an animal in their local animal shelter, or a portrait of an animal that is part of a rescue operation.

"When Long Island artist Lori Rowe decided to join this group of animal-loving artists, she began researching shelters in her area. After reading about Little Shelter, Lori knew that this was the first organization she would like to help.

"On Sunday, March 29, Lori came to Little Shelter armed with a wonderful painting entitled ‘Home’. The painting depicts a stray dog looking toward houses, and wishing for one of his own. Lori toured Little Shelter with her husband, and knew that she had made the right choice.

"During her visit, Lori was further inspired by one of our longer-term residents, Ingrid. She immediately decided to do a portrait of Ingrid which Little Shelter could present to whoever adopts this lovely lady.

Says Little Shelter President, Maryann Chernovsky, ‘It is wonderful that a group like Art for Animals exists to help shelter animals. We thank Lori for her generosity. She has a gift for capturing the soul of animals.'

‘Home’ will soon be auctioned to raise money for the dogs and cats at Little Shelter."

Hooray for Lori Rowe and Little Shelter!

And a p.s.: Lori writes to say that it looks like Ingrid has a home!

- Carrie


  1. Hooray for Lorie and Hooray for Little Shelter for recognizing her gift! It's a win (for Lori) win (for Little Shelter) win (for Ingrid) situation!

  2. I love the image and the story behind it. Hope!
    It is motivation for me to do another.