Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Tale of Love and Rescue

Border Collie. By Ann Gilchrist; donated to the Groton, Conn., animal shelter.

Ann Gilchrist writes that this border collie, Tildon, was found in a Dumpster in Providence, R.I.

A friend of Ann's heard the dog whimpering, plucked him out of the Dumpster and hid him in his dorm room at Brown University.

The dorm assistant found out, and threatened to kick Anton (Ann's friend) out of the dorm because of the dog. Anton's parents agreed to keep Tildon until Anton graduated, but fell in love with the dog and told their son he had to get his own dog.

Tildon, Ann writes, "was so smart and loving. Tildon herded the grandchildren and kept Abner the feral cat in order. He was loved by all and a joy to be around. He never forgot where he came from. The family was so heartbroken when he died from cancer they told me they could not get another dog. So they rescued two kittens Violet and Rose."

What a wonderful story of love and rescue!

- Carrie


  1. Beautiful painting and so nice to have a happy ending story - they seem to be few and far between at the moment.

  2. You promote such a great cause here. Always a pleasure to return. Sounds like Anton & his parents were just as lucky as sweet Tildon.