Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a Mug, What a Pug

Pug. By Judy Mackey, donated to the Metroport Humane Society of North Texas.

The shelter system in Texas, according to Nancy Medina and Judy Mackey, is just pretty darn bad. Animals are put to death days after being brought to the shelters there. Rescue groups have sprung up, started, maintained and supported by people who love dogs and cats.

Judy Mackey, an amazingly talented painter living near Dallas, donated this painting to the Metroport Humane Society of North Texas.

The society, Judy wrotes, "does not have a kennel facility but relies on fosters to take in pets and also encourages spay and neutering - they offer low-cost solutions for spaying and neutering. Members often visit area animal shelters to rescue pets who might otherwise be euthanized."

Check out Judy's website and her blog to see more of her fine work. Check out Nancy Medina's lovely paintings on her website, too! We're so lucky that they're with us on the project.

We're lucky that you ALL are with us on this project. Thank you.

- Carrie


  1. Beautiful Judy!!! I have several of Judy's pug paintings gazing upon me in my studio this morning.
    We are lucky in Flower Mound and other areas to have wonderful shelters that work so hard to find homes for the animals, but there are still areas in Texas that run shelters as if they are pounds. Someday we hope that will change.

  2. Judy, this little puggy is adorable; I really like the composition in this painting!

  3. Woohoo!!! Judy this is awesome! Look at that face!

  4. Love it Judy - that little face is soooo cute!