Friday, August 21, 2009

Vicki Wood and her Bob...

please read his story here

What a remarkle story about Bob by an even more remarkable lady and artist Vicki Wood. I recieved an email an it read as follows:
I was happy to see your article in Art Calendar! I have been doing this for several years. Each year I donate a painting to Oxford Lafayette Humane Society and I write the story of the selected dog. I then paint the portrait and hand-print the story on the surrounding mat. These are then auctioned at their annual fundraiser. Below is the first of the series with the story in Word) and this was one of my first animal portraits. I have also donated to BellyRubs (Bassett Hound) Rescue. I will send to you images of my other donations in a separate email. My work has raised $3,426.00 for animals so far. Thank you for all you do! Vicki Wood (

With her experience and her success with her donations, I asked her advise and she generously wrote:

For newbies: I have found that Rescue organizations are very cautious especially if they don't know you. I think that they are concerned that we will not deliver what we promise. So, one way to go is to just paint a portrait of a dog or cat and simply donate (no strings). Then, request to come in and take photos of their residents and offer to let them select the animals photographed (if they have an interest). It is sometimes helpful, once you get the opportunity to go into the shelter, to take someone that can assist you as the shelter employees are usually very busy. I also suggest that you try to work with at least one humane society that is not a "no-kill" as they are housing the animals that are in the most urgent need. You can either go by the organization's facility or simply send an email or both to start the relationship. Also, once you donate, you can follow-up with them and find out how much your piece raised. Don't be disappointed if they sell for less than you expect.... that's just the way it goes sometimes. It does establish good relations with you and an entire community and helps save little lives.

Awesome advice for someone who's "been there, done that". It should be encouragement for anybody who is still on the fence on whether or not to jump in and try this. I, Carrie and Sandy are honored that Vicki Wood reached out at our new program and inspired us to keep on doing what we're doing and I am sure encouraged other to take that first step. Thank you so much Vicki!

Make sure you check out her wonderful website also by clicking right here! "Houla" is amazing on the cover of her site.

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  1. I read the story of Bob (and others) and not that I have blown my nose and dried my eyes I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your art, and reading your storys. Maybe someday, all of them will have a happy ending-