Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Riley. By Carol LaVoie, donated to Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn.

Here's another painting by the talented and exuberant Carol LaVoie. She has made and donated 10, count 'em 10! paintings to this group, which sounds like it's well worth the attention and the donations.

Sometimes, it's all too easy to be discouraged. The economy, health care, the heat, the price of gas, the tomato blight, the disastrous future it seems we're facing - sometimes it feels like the issues are a huge crowd, screaming and yelling and threatening to riot.

Then I think about things like this project, and the people who open their hearts and give their talent and their love so freely, and that crowd just quits its noise-making and goes home, two by two, hand in hand.

- Carrie

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  1. What wonderful energy to go toward such a worthy cause. Thank you so much Carol! I love the color choices in this painting. Lovely!