Sunday, August 16, 2009


Sarah. By Carol LaVoie. Donation to Protectors of Animals, East Hartford, Conn.

The Internet is truly an amazing thing, isn't it? How it can unite us, one by one and dozen by dozen - it's what the town crier used to be, what newspapers used to be, what fences used to be, when neighbors were really neighbors.

Our project puts the internet to the best use possible, I think.

This is one of Carol LaVoie's 10 donations to Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn. This week, I'm going to call the group and talk to Jody, who heads it up, and find out what POA is going to do with Carol's beautiful donations.

I'll let you know!

- Carrie


  1. Wow... another lovely painting..... just gorgeous. I could see this as a greeting card or a poster for the Rescue.

  2. This painting really catches the eye. I agree with Sheila - this painting can really be a poster child. Beautiful

  3. We loved this painting - truly gorgeous, as the kitty who was model for it.

    We enjoyed Drunken Boat a couple of nights ago. I moved up to the front row as my back was sore to a more comfortable seat - it got better for a while and then yesterday I went windsurfing and now it's sore again. I'll possibly do it again tomorrow.

    Enjoyed your brother's writing, everyone did. What a great evening!

    Shelley and Bill Burling