Friday, August 28, 2009

So cute "Solo"

8x10 original Oil on canvas

This is one of two first contributions Kate Merriman is making to the Project. The lucky recipient of this gorgeous painting is the Austin Humane Society.

Please visit her blog to see her other paintings and to get a sneak peek at the second contribution I will be posting later on. Visit her here. Thank you so much Kate! This is an awesome addition to the project!


  1. Thanks all! I sure had fun painting it.

  2. Wow! I love these paintings by Kate. They are just so cool - so sort of cubist, and yet alive and warm. Great colors, and a marvelous sense of space and volume in the dog and the pig. Wow!

  3. Thanks Oliver, Liz, Carrie! I dropped this painting to Austin Humane Society this weekend and got to meet Solo in person. He's SUCH a great dog and still very much needs a home. Please spread the good word.

  4. Hey, Solo found a home! Thought I'd share the good news.