Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nate and 'Nother solution for raising funds...

Nate the Goat
7.75x7.75 inches oil on Art Board
Animal Place Sanctuary
Available for auction HERE

Animal Place Sanctuary is a wonderful place for animals rescued from slaughter or abuse. They are in the midst of a move to a bigger venue so I offered and they readily accepted me listing their Nate on ebay with all the profit going to their rescue organization. It may be a few dollars here and there for now because I am starting at a low start bid and I need to retain a portion of it to buy replacement materials and shipping and handling but I'm hoping it will catch on. This blog is like a huge and ongoing brainstorming session to keep finding ways to help all of God's creatures.

Oh and about Nate, here's what Animal Place wrote about him: Nate is about 2 years old. He was going to be shot and killed by his "owners". We immediately intervened, taking our trailer out to rescue him. He's now the top goat, being a total dorkwad with the other goats (especially over leaves).

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  1. I love him Sheila. You are always thinking and always G I V I N G! You have a heart of gold! Thank-you! Hugs, Sandy