Friday, October 9, 2009

Smiling Survivor

9x12 oil on artboard

I was so touched by Survivor's story, I knew I had to paint him. Read about his story HERE.
Jessica of Jason Heigl Foundation was pleased with the donation and said she would have it included in the adoption but for now the foster parent is enjoying the painting.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meet Bear

Bear. By Karla Smith of South Florida. Funds raised go to On the Fifth Day.

As the Art for Shelter Project begins to add a new path, we have received this posting from Karla Smith of South Florida.

She is working with a Tennessee sanctuary, On the Fifth Day, which saves homeless and abused animals. She sells her acrylic paintings for $45, and donates $40 to the sanctuary. The remaining $5 goes toward supplies.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Boxer Rescue In Florida

I got this lovely painting and story in my inbox today from Evelyn Peters. She writes; "I was lucky enough to read about your organization in the listings of the recent Art Calendar. I have been associated with Florida Boxer Rescue: for the past two years. I adopted a boxer, Tilly, two years ago, and now that she has recently passed, I just adopted Abby last week.

These boxers are sometimes found by individuals when they have been abandoned by their previous owners after breeding them or by the fact that they simply no longer want them. The local shelters contact the rescue if they receive a boxer. Many of them are extremely neglected and sometimes abused. The Rescue provides all the medical treatment necessary to bring them back to health and also ensures they are spayed or neutered. They then go to a foster home to wait for their forever home.

I have never been a foster Mom, I knew I would turn into a "flunkie" and want to keep all of them. I do what I can by donating portrait paintings for the organization to auction off at their fund raisers. This is an extremely dedicated group of people who only want the best for their dogs. I feel honored to be able to help them with their goals. I am attaching my most recent painting of the boxer Sampson. He was adopted by two wonderful people who loved receiving this portrait to always remember him by. I look forward to continuing helping the Rescue through my artwork. Your listing has inspired me to address more local shelters and offer this fund raising option. Thanks for such a great way to help those who rely on us for our kindness!" ~ Evelyn Peters

Thank-you very much for all you do, Evelyn. You really are an inspiration!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lenny the Little Lamb

12x6 oil on art board
Animal Place Sanctuary

Lenny was born to Virginia who was confiscated by animal control from a live-market slaughterhouse. The animals were malnourished and suffering from a host of diseases. Animal Place rescues many domestic and barn animals from a variety of situations.

Lenny is up for bid on ebay HERE. The other three paintings for Animal Place look like they are going to be sold.