Tuesday, January 26, 2010


By Liz Pearson; donation to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group, Cape Town, South Africa

Liz Pearson, from Cape Town, South Africa, is a steady contributor to the Art for Shelter Animals Project. She donates her work to DARG, the Domestic Animal Rescue Group. Here's what Liz wrote that DARG has reported about Xena, the dog in Liz's newest painting:

Xena is a 5 year old female Pitbull cross. Sshe was rescued 2 years ago after being  burnt on her back with hot oil  Adopted and recently returned after new owner decided to move (without her).  Adorable, super playful, super  affectionate, super cuddly, loyal and protective, strong.  Needs to be a  single pet.  Belly rubs a must!

This story makes me want to go to South Africa and adopt this dog myself.

Thanks, Liz, for your beautiful work and your ongoing generosity!

- Carrie

Inside the process

If you want to see the step-by-step progress of Alli Farkas's recent horse painting, click here.

Scroll down to Jan. 13 and work your way up. It's fun to watch!

The photo that Alli started with is on the left; her painting on the right. 

Alli has donated the painting to the Hooved Animal Humane Society of Woodstock, Illinois.

- Carrie

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maria Leysens has another hit!

Maria Kovalenko Leysens has contributed to the project before. She organized her class of young students to all contribute paintings to her local shelter. Remember this heart warming story? This is what she wrote on her blog about coming to paint these gorgeous birds.

I painted these birds as demos for some classes and decided to donate them as a part of "Art for Animals" to the Wildbird Recovery Center. I did a project last year for the Butler County Humane Society and this year I chose the Wildbird Recovery, Songbird Rehabilitation Center in Valencia, PA.
Last spring I found a little robin that was neglected by it's parents... not being fed... I watched the others being fed... so I called the recovery center and they said to bring it in. While I was there another woman brought in a crow that was hit by a car. I never really thought there was such a place for birds... funded by donations... and getting the birds rehabbed and back out.
They were happy to recieve the paintings and I hope will sell through their giftshop to get needed supplies.

What a wonderful story and a wonderful person and artist to make three wonderful paintings to donate to a great organization. Please visit Maria's blog and enjoy her other works of art.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Ink and oil on canvas, 18x18. Donation to the Hooved Animal Humane Society, 
Woodstock, Illinois. 

Alli Farkas has made another gorgeous horse painting to donate, this time to HAHS, the Hooved Animal Humane Society in Woodstock, Illinois.

Alli writes that she almost lost the chance to make this gorgeous portrait, or at least to donate it, when her email was mislaid at HAHS.

"So I thought, what the heck," she writes, "it's worth a second try - and they were so happy that I didn't give up."

Jon McCarthy of Quadropod Photography took the original photograph of Sue, Alli writes, and gave her permission to use it. One of his photographs will be on the cover of the group's winter newsletter, so people will know about Sue even before they see Alli's photograph. 

I love this painting. I love its depth and texture, the look in Sue's eyes, the way the wind and the snow have excited her - it's a painting full of life and love. HAHS is lucky, indeed.

- Carrie

Here's the link

Hi, all - here's the link to Mary Esparra's story in the Times Herald-Record:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top Dog

Top Dog
Watercolor by Dianne Gorrick, to be donated to Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn.

Dianne Gorrick, a talented and well known artist from East Hampton, Conn., has made this beautiful watercolor for Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, Conn.

Gorrick is a friend of  Carol Lavoie, an enthusiastic supporter of the Art for Shelter Animals Project. Carol told Dianne about the project, and Dianne jumped in with this painting.

Dianne is a plein air painter and a teacher at the Glastonbury Art Guild.  She has won many competitions in New England, has worked as a juror for the Mystic Art League, and currently is exhibiting at the Connecticut River Artisans Gallery in Chester, Conn.

Welcome, Dianne, and thanks - to you and Carol, both!

- Carrie

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oil on canvas, 12x12, by David Munford. To be donated to the Sullivan County animal shelter in Rock Hill, N.Y. 

For years, I worked at the Times Herald-Record, a daily newspaper in Middletown, N.Y. I was hired as the art director, and eventually became the Sunday editor. I was one of a four-person team of friends who ran the newsroom. It was a job I'd thought I would have forever, at the newspaper I thought I'd retire from, in the place I'd thought I would set down roots.

In July 2006, my mother died. In January 2007, Mike Levine, the editor of the Record, and a dear friend of mine, died. In April 2007, my job was eliminated and I was sent packing.

I am starting to be grateful for this awful stretch of upheaval. The fire is starting to leave my anger, the desolation starting to leave my sadness. If all this hadn't happened, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Mary Esparra, a fellow animal lover, lost her full-time job at the Record before I lost mine. But she has continued to serve as the link between readers of the Record and pets who need homes. Weekly, as a freelancer, she writes the "Pets of the Week" column, showing pictures of animals who need homes, and giving brief stories about them. (Jojo, one of our dogs, came from this very column). She also writes "Shelter Tails," stories about shelters, animals in them, people who run them, events happening at them.

Mary has been doing this for 10 years. Ten years! It would be impossible to count the numbers of connections she has helped forge, the numbers of animals who have found homes because of her, the numbers of lives that have been enriched.

I contacted her when the Art for Shelter Animals Project began. When someone from the area got involved, she said, she would write about it. And sure enough, she has. David Munford, who lives in Grahamsville, N.Y., is a wonderful and talented artist who's made three paintings for the shelter in Rock Hill, N.Y. Mary has interviewed him about his participation, and has written a story about out project.

Mary and I spoke yesterday, and she was excited about the whole thing. As I write this, her piece has not yet appeared on line, but when it does, I will add the address, so you all can read it.

Thank you to David for your beautiful paintings, and for taking up the cause in the mid-Hudson Valley. Congratulations to Mary for 10 years of helping homeless pets! And thank you to her for writing about our project.

- Carrie

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oil on canvas panel, 12x12

By David Munford, to be donated to the Sullivan County shelter in Rock Hill, N.Y. 

Julie, writes the talented David Munford, is a 5-year-old, lovable foxhound mix - so lovable, in fact, that she has found a home with one of the workers at the Sullivan County animal shelter in Rock Hill, N.Y.  David's sweet painting will be a gift to Julie's new owner.

This is the second of three paintings that David has made for the project. He has painted for many years, and these days, when he's not painting for the project, he spends much of his time painting plein-air landscapes.

I really love the look in Julie's eyes in this painting. The Sullivan County shelter describes itself as "a place for hope," and to me, David has capture the look of a dog who wants to hope, in spite of everything.

David is represented by the Wallkill River School Gallery in Montgomery, N.Y.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


By David Munford. Oil on stretched canvas, 12x12. To be donated 
to the Sullivan County Animal Shelter, Rock Hill, NY

I met David Munford, a wonderful painter and all-around cool guy, at the opening of my most recent show at the Wallkill River School Gallery. In the crush of people, and all the push and pull of conversation, we got to talking, and David became interested in the Art for Shelter Animals Project.

This is the first of a series of paintings he's making of animals at the Sullivan County shelter in Rock Hill, NY.  This shelter has had its problems in the past; we covered them extensively when I was at the Times Herald-Record. But its staffers have persisted, it is much needed, and it seems to have made a full recovery.

Dakota, a border collie who loves kids, has already been adopted! 

David grew up in the West, and then studied art in Boston in the 1980s. He lives in the Catskills now, and is represented by the Wallkill River School Gallery. Check out his website, and look back soon for more of his work!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Teaching Children about caring for our furry friends...

Missaukee County Humane Society

Tracy Greeley has done it again. Please read her amazing note to us.

I know that we already had some exposure for our local Missaukee County Humane Society in Northern Michigan, however I wanted to share this story of more Nothern Michigan heroes. I called McBain High School and spoke with Art Teacher, Connie Morrow and explained the Art for Shelter Animals Project with the hope that she could relay the info to her students. Instead she invited me to be a guest speaker at two of her art classes to explain the program myself. I was hoping to beg their generosity for any work they could complete and donate on their own time. So you can imagine my surprise when Mrs. Morrow turned it into a class project! And the students were so supportive, I heard comments such as, "Does the shelter currently need any volunteers?" and "We should do this project at least a couple of times a year!" They completed watercolor and acrylic paintings as well as color pencil and sketches. I loved watching and listening to these talented high schoolers. Thanks again for such a wonderful idea.

Tracy, thank you for helping to educate the next generation on how good it feels to volunteer and donate for a good cause! I will post more images from this class tomorrow.