Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maria Leysens has another hit!

Maria Kovalenko Leysens has contributed to the project before. She organized her class of young students to all contribute paintings to her local shelter. Remember this heart warming story? This is what she wrote on her blog about coming to paint these gorgeous birds.

I painted these birds as demos for some classes and decided to donate them as a part of "Art for Animals" to the Wildbird Recovery Center. I did a project last year for the Butler County Humane Society and this year I chose the Wildbird Recovery, Songbird Rehabilitation Center in Valencia, PA.
Last spring I found a little robin that was neglected by it's parents... not being fed... I watched the others being fed... so I called the recovery center and they said to bring it in. While I was there another woman brought in a crow that was hit by a car. I never really thought there was such a place for birds... funded by donations... and getting the birds rehabbed and back out.
They were happy to recieve the paintings and I hope will sell through their giftshop to get needed supplies.

What a wonderful story and a wonderful person and artist to make three wonderful paintings to donate to a great organization. Please visit Maria's blog and enjoy her other works of art.

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