Friday, January 22, 2010


Ink and oil on canvas, 18x18. Donation to the Hooved Animal Humane Society, 
Woodstock, Illinois. 

Alli Farkas has made another gorgeous horse painting to donate, this time to HAHS, the Hooved Animal Humane Society in Woodstock, Illinois.

Alli writes that she almost lost the chance to make this gorgeous portrait, or at least to donate it, when her email was mislaid at HAHS.

"So I thought, what the heck," she writes, "it's worth a second try - and they were so happy that I didn't give up."

Jon McCarthy of Quadropod Photography took the original photograph of Sue, Alli writes, and gave her permission to use it. One of his photographs will be on the cover of the group's winter newsletter, so people will know about Sue even before they see Alli's photograph. 

I love this painting. I love its depth and texture, the look in Sue's eyes, the way the wind and the snow have excited her - it's a painting full of life and love. HAHS is lucky, indeed.

- Carrie


  1. Really nice painting, love the addition of the snow.

  2. Just got my copy of the HAHS newsletter this morning with the Photo of Sue on the cover. I thought of you immediately! Great job! :-D