Tuesday, January 26, 2010


By Liz Pearson; donation to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group, Cape Town, South Africa

Liz Pearson, from Cape Town, South Africa, is a steady contributor to the Art for Shelter Animals Project. She donates her work to DARG, the Domestic Animal Rescue Group. Here's what Liz wrote that DARG has reported about Xena, the dog in Liz's newest painting:

Xena is a 5 year old female Pitbull cross. Sshe was rescued 2 years ago after being  burnt on her back with hot oil  Adopted and recently returned after new owner decided to move (without her).  Adorable, super playful, super  affectionate, super cuddly, loyal and protective, strong.  Needs to be a  single pet.  Belly rubs a must!

This story makes me want to go to South Africa and adopt this dog myself.

Thanks, Liz, for your beautiful work and your ongoing generosity!

- Carrie