Tuesday, February 23, 2010


By Creatures of Habit.  Spray paint and stencil on canvas; 
donated to the Middletown, N.Y. Humane Society

It's funny how life circles in on itself.

I was hired, years ago, to work as the art director at the Times Herald-Record in Middletown, N.Y. My job was to set the visual look of the paper, including the front page. The paper was - and still is - a tab, so the front page was important. My very first day there, the art that we/I chose to be on the front page was a spray-painted caricature portrait of the then-mayor. I fought for this to get on the front page - and of course, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. How could I? It was my first day on the job. It later turned out that the spray-paint artists had painted one of the mayor's thumbs to resemble another piece of his anatomy... oops. No one had noticed this, including myself.

At any rate, our newest ASAP artist, "Creatures of Habit," is a spray-painter from Middletown, N.Y. I don't think he's the one who spray-painted the mayor, but his appearance here, and his donations of these beautiful paintings to the Middletown Humane Society shelter, dredged that memory of mine up.

The beautiful pit bull, Edie, that Creatures has painted, is still available for adoption. So if you're in the Middletown area, well, think about it!

And check out Creatures' other work by clicking here.

- Carrie


  1. Love these graphic, spray-painted pups! The Middletown shelter is lucky to get these donations.

  2. (and funny story about the Mayor's image, Carrie!)