Saturday, February 27, 2010

Please Take the Time to Vote

As the IH4TH contest for the most touching rescue and adoption essay comes to an end, my mind is on my home team, Burlington County Animal Alliance (BCAA), and Baby Hope. Her story had slipped from first to second place in the competition, the last time I looked. I am asking for your help to push this Pit Bull's story over the top. With more Pit Bulls at the shelters than ever before, let Baby Hope be an example of the loving breed that they really are and an ambassador of hope for the accelerated rescue of more of her kind. Please visit the Helen Woodward Animal Center website and cast your vote for the best story by this Monday, March 1st at noon. Thanks from me and Sammie and all the folks at the BCAA! Todays' pencil sketch of Sammie was done in preparation of a portrait that I'm currently working on.

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  1. Hola me encanta lo que hacés, és realmente HERMOSO!!!
    Un abrazo.-