Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tracey Greeley is a force to be reckoned with

gouache by Jim Smith for
Missaukee Humane Society of Michigan

Tracey should be President of the Michigan Chapter of the Art for the Animals project. She recruited yet another artist to contribute to her local shelter. Here's what she wrote:

Since starting an Art for Animals project in our area only a short while ago, local artists as well as three high school art classes have joined in. I am delighted to share an interesting story about this original 12 x 14" Gouache titled "Tommy", being donated to the Missaukee Humane Society of Michigan by Jim Smith, the Vice President of the Cadillac Area Artists Association. You see Jim is an oil paint artist (among other talents), however he and his wife recently moved into a smaller home without a separate art studio. Since she is allergic to his oil paints, he found it necessary to switch to watercolors so he could continue his love of painting. Though he feels he is working through a learning curve, this beautiful watercolor is only his second. As you can see, his talents and generosity are superb! For information or any questions, Jim can be reached at

I continue to be awed of the skill and kindness in our community. Thanks to you for giving us such a great idea!

What a wonderful painting Jim has contributed to the project but this could not come to fruition if it were not Tracey's enthusiasm and powers of persuasion for this project. A special thank you for Tracey from all of us facilitating this project and from the animals she helps and in turn helps her community to be a better place for everyone. Tracey would love if you visit Missaukee Humane Society's website HERE.

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  1. I love this sweet watercolor! Kudos to Jim for picking up a new medium so successfully, and to Tracey for creating such a groundswell in her community.